Writing Experience

Medicine and Health:

  • Articles on health and medicine in Bottom Line/Personal, Cosmopolitan, New Age Journal, Mother’s Today, Health Confidential, Executive Health, OneBody.com, Healthgate.com.
  • Contributing Editor at Phys Ed Journal of Sports Medicine.
  • Collaborating on a book entitled Weight Loss Surgery; The Complete Guide to Gastric Bypass and Other Procedures with Dr. Louis Flancbaum of St. Lukes/Roosevelt Hospital.

Parenting and Family:

  • Articles on parenting in Parenting, Bottom Line/Personal and New Age Journal.
  • Articles on relationships in Ladies Home Journal, Cosmopolitan, Bottom Line/Personal.

Self-help and How-to:

  • Contributing editor to Bottom Line/Personal, a national self-help consumer newsletter, producing six articles a month on a wide variety of subjects for ten years, with an emphasis on psychology.
  • Self-help articles for Clubmom.com. Cosmopolitan, Mothers Today, Charles Givens Wealth Without Risk Newsletter, FISI Madison Financial newsletters on subjects ranging from finance to fitness to consumer problems.
  • Editor of Dr. Joyce Brothers Emotional Health Newsletter.

Business Management:

  • Articles for Boardroom Reports and Bottom Line/Personal on management.
  • Contributing Editor to Manager’s Intelligence Report and Working Communicator newsletters, writing articles on management techniques, motivation and other management issues.

Consumer advice:

Articles for Bottom Line/Personal, Cosmopolitan, FISI Madison, Clubmom.com.


Essays have appeared in the New York Times Magazine, Cosmopolitan, New Age Journal, MS, Village Voice, Newsday.

Marketing and Public Relations:

  • E-mails promoting the products and websites, of the Kensington Technology Group, including Digital Fridge.com , Gravis.com and Kensington.com.
  • Book jackets and direct mail copy for subsidy and scholarly books.
  • Press releases for Woodstock Jewish Congregation and Hudson Valley Adoptive Parents Group.
  • Served as staff public relations person and speech writer for Representative Helene Weinstein, New York State Legislator from Brooklyn, New York.

Web Experience:

  • Articles for OneBody.com, Healthgate.com, Clubmom.com, Worth.com; Computerworld.com; HorizonGuide.com.
  • Chat room host for Writer’s Round Table chat on AOL’s Sixty Second Novelist Area. Gave advice, encouragement and facilitated discussion about freelance writing.
  • Chat room host for Parenting Magazine, giving advice on parenting issues.
  • Active daily on a number of large listservs. Give advice and help list members with concerns and problems.


Magazines: Cosmopolitan; Parenting; Village Voice; MS; Newsday; Mothers Today; New Age Journal; New York Times Sunday Magazine; Ladies Home Journal. Newsletters: Bottom Line/Personal; Boardroom Reports; Health Confidential; Privileged Information; Charles Givens’ Wealth Without Risk Newsletter; Good Health Report; Resources; The Phys Ed Journal Of Sports Medicine; Manager’s Intelligence Report, Executive Strategies, Working Smart.Websites: Worth.com; Computerworld.com; Clubmom.com; HorizonGuide.com; Healthgate.comBook: How to Handle Difficult People at the Office, Published by National Institute on Business ManagmentBooklet: Stress; How to Recognize it; What to do about it. Published by the New York City Commission on the Status of Women.

Professional Organization

American Society of Journalist and Authors
National Writers Union


BA, City University of New York