I Made Over My Boyfriend—and Lived

What do you do at the beginning of an affair, when the newly discovered love of your life, who is in every way an attractive, nay, admirable person, asks with an eager, puppy-dog expression: “How do you like this shirt? Doesn’t it look great?”

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Why Your Shrink Hates You, A True Story

Admit it. Haven’t you been wondering after all these years in therapy why you’re not getting any better…why you still can’t a decent job, apartment, mate, or sell your screenplay?

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Why Your Shrink Hates You

Confessions of an Amateur Shrink

Even though it seems to be one of those harmless social pastimes, like bemoaning the state of the subway system, giving advice can become a dangerous addiction.

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Fat Fashion Frustration on Fifth Avenue

Imagine, all you size 10s out there, that only one department store in Manhattan carries your size and all those chic little boutiques that dot the city don’t cater to you at all.

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Fat Fashion Frustration

Coworkers from Hell and How to Cope

In every workplace there are congenial, supportive colleagues..and then there are the other kind—the ones you fantasize about while pummeling the punching bag at the gym.

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In Defense of Desperation

Anyone who’s ever been single and longs to be coupled has been warned that desperation is the kiss of romantic death. Every woman who’s ever pined away night after night wishing there was a man in her life knows what the problem is with this type of advice: How can you not look desperate when you are desperate? What’s the solution? In defense of desperation one In defense of desperation two                                                 

The Myth of Chemistry

Desperate for love, my friend Lisa finally put an ad in the personals. She spoke for hours on the phone to Frank and was rapturous about meeting him. I called her the morning after their date with a breathless “How was it?” Lisa drawled, “No chemistry.”

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Myth of Chemistry

Annals of Matchmaking

I don’t know if it is hereditary, but some of us seem to have a mutant gene that drives us to fix friends up, even against their will.

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No, I Won’t Leave Him at Home

Since my divorce, Shadow’s been my security blanket. If you care about me and want to be my friend you’ll understand that.
I won't leave him at home one I won't leave him at home two

I Was a Red-Diaper Baby

I never thought I would feel nostalgic about Communism. As a 60’s activist and child of lefty parents, I once took as gospel beliefs that now seem quaint: human beings are basically good; if people, not capitalists, owned the means of production, poverty would disappear; economic equality could cure all social ills.

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I Was a Red Diaper Baby